Any foreign national who enters Saudi Arabia on a visit visa with the intention of tourism is not permitted to work there, perform Umrah during the Hajj season, or undertake the Hajj without a Hajj visa. According to the Kingdom’s visit visa regulations, there are seven requirements that a tourist with a visiting visa must follow.

The single-entry visa allows for a single entry and is valid for three months as long as the duration of the stay does not exceed one month. And the validity of a multiple entry visa is one year, given that the period of stay is at most three months at one time during its period of validity

The following are the seven essential conditions for those who have a visit visa for tourism.

The visa holders must abide by all laws and ordinances in the Kingdom, carry identification docuents with them at all times, and use the visa primarily for the reason for which it was issued.

According to the requirements, visa holders are not allowed to perform Umrah during the Hajj season, which is determined by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, are not allowed to perform Hajj except under a Hajj visa, are not allowed to engage in paid or unpaid work, and are required to abide by the validity of the granted visa and the permitted period of stay.