As sourced by Arab News, Riyadh looks utterly determined to achieve its Vision 2030 as the Kingdom etches down state of the art developmental plans for Al-Ahsa- the world’s largest oasis.

Al-Ahsa, a dazzling green haven amid swathes of untouched and terracotta-hued desert is ushering into a new era of evolution as the Crown announced a new development authority for the city.

The formation of the Al-Ahsa Development Authority headed by Prince Ahmed Bin Fahd aims to increase the governorate’s potential while advancing Al-Ahsa’s history alongside its tourism and culture. This authority will support the governorate’s economy by creating a conducive environment for infrastructure development, modernization and diversity.

Home to more than 2.5 million palm trees and 208 artesian springs, the oasis takes pride in its natural landscapes, archeological sites and long standing heritage of handicrafts and folk art.  The fascinating caves of Al-Qarah, the 7th century Jawatha Mosque, the vibrancy of Souq Al Qaisariya, the stunning Yellow Lake at the oasis’s outskirts and many other scenic attractions are enough in themselves to capture the interest of tourists. However, we cannot deny the fact that incorporating infrastructural modernizing with the scenic beauty of the oasis will be a key player in manifolding tourism development and thus Kingdom’s GDP.

The Al-Ahsa Development Authority seeks to boost the tourism and increase the traffic volume to 100 million visitors by the end of this decade. Thus creating an additional 1 million vacancies in all relating sectors. In order to obtain these objectives the governorate is taking initiatives to support SME’s and conducts high profile investment conferences showcasing Saudi destinations to local and international investors. It also intends to host 36 open markets and several festivals in a year to promote investment opportunities. With a spike of 53% in investments and a valuation exceeding SR 275 million, Al-Ahsa has become and still is, a beacon investment opportunity that no investor wants to turn a blind eye to.

It is fairly true that opportunities are like sunrises- the allure of which is limited to a moment. Therefore, it is very crucial to recognize such opportunities in time and use them properly to reap full advantage of them. Al-Ahsa is one such opportunity that will eventually grow on to become one of the biggest economic zones in the world alongside NEOM, hopefully pushing the Saudi stock market value over a trillion riyals.