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In an effort to implement its National Spectrum Strategy, the Communications and Information Technology Commission has just recently published the Spectrum Trading Regulations (2020-2025). These rules seek to implement a market-based strategy for spectrum management.

The adoption of innovative techniques for effectively using spectrum through frequency reuse is permitted by the spectrum trading regulations. Full and partial spectrum transfers are other types of spectrum trading that regulations introduce.

Additionally, through implementing Spectrum Trading in the Kingdom, CITC hopes to advance growth and development in wireless technology sector, accomplish effective spectrum usage, and raise the quality level of services offered to end users. The document also supports CITC’s goals of increasing spectrum access flexibility and establishing openness in spectrum management practices.

Before it was authorized, the Spectrum Trading Regulations paper was the subject of open consultations to gather input from stakeholders and assess the spectrum’s needs. On the CITC Regulations Portal, go to to access the paper.