Commercial Visit Visa

The global marketplace in which we live means individuals and businesses no longer expect to stay in one country. This requires people to relocate overseas and even to migrate.

Pangea Worldwide is equipped to give the right guidance, advice and assistance to ensure every aspect of immigration runs smoothly. There are different types of visas available for Saudi Arabia. Here are the generic requirements for a commercial visit visa:

Those that need to attend business meetings or conferences, or providing consultancy but not to work will need a Commercial Visit Visa. This applies to Managerial Positions such as Administrator, Advisor, Analyst, Consultant, Director, Executive Officer, Manager, Partner.


  • Letter of Invitation (LOI) certified by the Chamber of Commerce or a copy of pre-approval issued by MOFA, Saudi Arabia.
  • Original, signed passport. The passport must:

o   Be valid for 6 months beyond stay in Saudi Arabia,

o   Have at least two adjacent, blank passport pages available for Saudi visa stamp and Saudi entry stamps

o   Be machine readable

  • Original and copy of residence permit (if not based in home country)
  • One original, typed Saudi Arabia visa application form
  • Two recent 2 x 2 passport photographs, in colour, front view with a plain/white background.
  • Business Cover/ Introduction Letter:
  • Company registration number
  • Activities of the company
  • Invitation number or visa number
  • Type of visa requested
  • Duration of trip
  • Issue date within two weeks before application
  • Stamped (and in some cases) certified by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Proof of Medical Insurance