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Communications and Information Technology professions in Private sectors to be nationalized

Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi on Monday announced a decision to localize the communication and information technology professions to create 9,000 jobs in the private sector. The ministry has set minimum monthly salary of SR 5,000 for technical jobs and SR 7,000 for specialized professions.

The decision will be applicable to all business establishments in the labor market with five or more workers in communications and IT jobs, application development, programming and analysis and technical support.

The decision comes within a series of decisions to localize professions in cooperation and partnership with government and supervisory agencies to enable graduates with specific qualifications to obtain decent employment opportunities in the Kingdom.

It also follows the agreement that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development concluded with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Human Resources Development Fund and the Council of Saudi Chambers represented by the National Committee for Information and Communications Technology.