Corporate immigration in Saudi Arabia

Corporate immigration in Saudi Arabia

Corporate immigration is the main part of businesses in the Kingdom where expatriates represent a large segment of the workforce. However, for businesses to get benefit from corporate immigration, they must take a strategic approach.

The steps below form the core for providing strategic value through immigration:


Design a strategy that is focused on knowledge. Companies must understand what each department’s employee needs are, and in order to accomplish so, they must understand the types of information that each department needs and then align them across the firm. In the future, this will assist firms in gathering and analysing data.

Set up statistic reports that would be relevant. Corporations’ core purpose is to generate a profit, and the immigration department must demonstrate how they add value to the company in terms that are both relevant and linked with the firm’s broader goals. Reduced expenses, employee engagement initiatives, and more efficient recruitment processes all are factors that contribute to this.

Establish data analysis. To add value to a business, the collected data must be accurate and relevant. Choose statistics that are easy to comprehend even outside the immigration department and indicate advantages.

Show the effectiveness of this information to top management. One of the most challenging aspects of immigration is convincing top management of its significance in a comprehensible way. The best way to accomplish this would be to use the value of immigration to the business as a whole, as well as how certain departments benefitted.

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