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Digital ID usable in all transactions for citizens and Expatriates

Prince Bandar Al-Mashari, assistant interior minister for technical affairs, announced that under the ministry’s digital transformation drive, Saudi citizens and expats do not need to carry plastic documents like national identity, residency permit (iqama), driving license, and vehicle’s registration (istimara).

The new “Absher Individuals” portal will help citizens and expats to enjoy the benefits of carrying the digital version of their ID and Iqama”.

The residents need to show their digital ID to security officials in the field inspection and dealing with transactions of banks, companies, individuals and government agencies, whether within the Kingdom or outside, he said.

Prince Al-Mashari said the Digital ID can be shown through the “Absher Individuals” platform and a copy of which can be kept on smart phone so that the ID could be checked without the need for an Internet.

“The security officials can verify its reliability through the application of the Maidan platform,” he said.

Maidan is a uniform security platform for all field security works in various sectors of the Ministry of Interior to control the violations and organize procedures of handing the cases to the competent authorities in the security sectors electronically.

The minister pointed out that the “Digital ID Review” service is available on the interface immediately after opening the new “Absher Afrad” (Absher Individuals) application, indicating that it carries all the information.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Interior, represented by the Civil Status Department, launched electronic version of the ID card of Saudi citizens and expatriates under the name of “Digital ID.”

The Civil Status Department launched the “Digital ID” service, in cooperation with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority, represented by the National Information Center.