Document Legalisation services in KSA

There are many types of documents that people and businesses use. If you are new to the area, you may not be familiar with the unique requirements that are in place. There is no need to worry – we have experienced associates that can ensure your legal documents are in full compliance with all the regulations in place in Saudi Arabia.

Some of the documents you may need assistance with include:

• Articles of Incorporation
• Authorization Letter
• Background Checks (Local, State, FBI)
• Birth Certificates
• Certificate of Good Standing
• Certification of Free Sale
• Certification of Origin
• Commercial Invoice
• Copy of Driver License
• Copy of Passport
• Corporate Power of Attorney
• Death Certificates
• Diplomas
• Divorce Decree
• Marriage Certificates
• Power of Attorney
• Single Status Affidavit
• Transcripts
• Travel Consent Letter

Saudi Arabia requires that every document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassy of the country involved. For example, a child of an Indian national born in Saudi Arabia applying for a Netherlands residence permit will need their birth certificate legalized by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands embassy in Riyadh.

The regulations can be complex and challenging to navigate. If a document is found to be out of compliance, this costs time and money, and can be quite an inconvenience to your customers, friends or business associates. Why take a chance that you might not be in compliance? Count on our highly-trained associates at Pangea Worldwide to make sure all of your document legalization needs are met.