Exit re-entry visa update….

If a worker leaves the Kingdom on an exit re-entry visa and fails to return before the visa expiry date, their information will be permanently erased from the Ministry’s database, according to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.
The Ministry made it clear that, if the exit re-entry visa expires and has not been extended, the status of the worker at Jawazat will be updated to “Absent From Work” after 2 months and will then be changed to “Exited and Did Not Return” after which the laborer’s data will be removed from the Ministry’s data.

Those who left the Kingdom using an exit re-entry visa shall have their entrance privileges suspended for three years, starting from the Hijri calendar day that the exit re-entry visa expired. The prohibition will not apply to dependents or those traveling with them, though.

The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) requested business and institution owners earlier this month to update the details of their overseas employees through the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.