Five Common Challenges for Foreign Investors in KSA

Five Common Challenges Experienced by Foreign Investors in Saudi Arabia and we can Bail you Out

Starting a business in Saudi Arabia can be a difficult experience if you are not aware of some of the challenges you are likely to experience as an investor. You need to understand some of the common challenges that can impact your investment negatively to prepare you in finding amicable solutions. Our business can help you find effective solutions to the following challenges.



Saudization is a policy by the Saudi government requiring companies and enterprises in Saudi Arabia to fill up a workforce with Saudi nationals up to certain levels.  As an investor, you are likely to face challenges in finding a sufficient number of qualified Saudi nationals to fill vita job positions. Additionally, you are likely to experience challenges in obtaining visas for professional expatriate employees. Our business can help you solicit highly qualified Saudi nationals to fill job positions and ease difficulties in obtaining visas for expatriate professionals.


Obtaining Visas

You are required to obtain visas for expatriate employees to gain access to Saudi Arabia. Obtaining the visas is a complex process that involves interactions with the ministry of labour, immigration and Saudi embassies in different countries. You are also required to meet an array of requirements for you to obtain visas for your expatriate employees. Our business can guide you in meeting the requirements for obtaining visas and link you with the various departments involved in processing the visas.

Finding business partners

It is a challenge for most foreign investors to find perfect business partners in Saudi Arabia. Recently, there has been an upsurge in the number of scam companies masquerading to be genuine companies and use Saudi Arabia’s wealth and admiration to lure unsuspecting foreign businesses. Our business can connect you with genuine business partners such as insurance companies, suppliers, financial institutions and others to promote the success of your business.


Commercial Disputes

Settling commercial disputes in Saudi Arabia is a major challenge for investors. Your dispute can only be awarded under the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA) if only it complies with Sharia law. Additionally, companies in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to international arbitration without express approval from the Council of Ministers. Our business can provide you with consultancy services to help you conform to the local rules governing commercial arbitration in Saudi Arabia.

Protection of intellectual property rights

Saudi Arabia faces a huge challenge in intellectual property rights protection and fights against counterfeit goods. Saudi Arabia has enforced strict penalties for copyrights and trademark violations. However, there is still an increased proliferation of counterfeit goods and violation of trademarks and copyrights. Our business can effectively guide you in the process of protecting your goods and services against trademark and copyright violations to ensure that your business reaps maximum returns.


Briefly, there are serious challenges that you are likely to experience when operating in a Saudi Arabia market as an investor. However, our business can help you overcome most of these challenges by offering you consultancy services, guiding you in visa application and connecting yours with trusted business partners.