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Government Relations Services in Saudi Arabia

What is Government Relations Officer (GRO)?

Establishing an entity in Saudi Arabia requires the services of a Government Relations Officer (GRO). GRO is the crucial link between your company and the government.
As part of its duties, GRO handles the formal submission of legal company documents, including visa processing, company licenses, and employee paperwork. Regarding visas, licenses, and sponsorships, the GRO will work directly with government departments. GRO ensures that your organization complies with Saudi government regulations and employment laws.


GRO responsibilities may include:

• Organize the renewal of company licenses, registration with chambers of commerce, Saudization certificates, zakat certificates, etc.
• Serve as an ambassador for your organization at embassies, ministries, municipalities, police stations, airports, etc.
• Obtain visas, work permits, and iqamas for all employees by contacting Immigration, Labor, and other government offices.
• Oversee and manage government processes.
• Ensure that you are aware of any new regulations being implemented by the government.


Why does your company need GRO?

Managing your GRO needs can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, especially if you have limited in-house resources. Using GRO will reduce legal risks since inexperienced in-house staff can cause errors during the administration of government processes, which could result in penalties or delays. With a GRO, you will ensure your in-house team stays focused on their skills, and you’ll reduce legal risks for your business.

Our GRO services:

GRO service is integral to doing business in Saudi Arabia, providing a critical link between your company and the government. GRO Services can help you manage your company’s ongoing regulatory and compliance requirements, so you can focus on what matters.
Our GRO experts have extensive knowledge of Saudi labor laws, visa regulations, and licensing rules, and we’ll simplify your interactions with the government to save you time, effort, and costs.

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