If visitors don’t have active health insurance, their ‘Tawakkalna’ status changes.


In light of new regulations set by the Saudi government, the Saudi MOH has changed configurations of Tawakkalna app for visitors in the kingdom. Every visitor that does not have valid insurance covering emergency COVID cases will have the status of “Ghayr Muammin” which translates into “Not Insured”. Change in status only affects non-GCC residents, according to the statement.

Visitors to Saudi Arabia on all types of visit visas need to get medical insurance for medical assistance, including Covid-19 insurance in the case they become infected with the Covid-19, said by the Ministry of The interior.

All tourists, as well as on Umrah and visit visas with multiple-entry visas. The insurance will cover the visitor for the period of stay in the Kingdom. Whenever the visa is extended, the health insurance must be renewed.

Tawakkalna asked all users to keep the app updated so that they should not lose any of the service’s benefits.


Visitors can CONTACT US today to get insurance: