Immigration Costs incurred to businesses in Saudi Arabia

Whether you are a company or an individual, it is obvious that when migrating to another country you are likely to pay a wide range of fees to obtain and complete setup and recruitment formalities. The costs involved are inevitable since most of the activities involved when processing of completing formalities require some payments to be completed. Below are some of the costs that you are likely to incur when migrating to Saudi Arabia.


Costs to Comply with Formalities

There are several formalities that have to fulfill before obtaining Saudi Arabia residency. You are required to obtain a valid passport and work permits for you to migrate successfully to Saudi Arabia. The process of obtaining the visa will incur you significant costs. For instance, a multiple –entry business visa is likely to cost you SR 3,000 for six months and SR, 5000 for one year depending on the nationality. You are also required to pay an exit and re-entry visa if you are a resident . The main visas to Saudi Arabia includes business visa, employment visa, and residence visa and they attract different costs to the process.  You will also incur medical costs since medical check-ups is a formal requirement whenever filing for Saudi Arabia visa.


Fees paid to recruitment agents

You are likely to pay some fees to recruitment agents if you are obtaining a Saudi Arabia employment visa through agents. The agents conduct the whole process of obtaining all the necessary documentation and meeting all formalities to make your migration a success. You are likely to pay more to the agents than you would have paid if you completed all formalities individually. However, the agents save you the difficulties you have experienced when trying to meet the formalities individually. The agents connect you with the employer, process your visa and prepare for your residency in Saudi Arabia.

Transportation costs

You will incur significant domestic and international transportation costs before making it to your destination in Saudi Arabia. The transportation cost varies based on your country of origin and flight choice. The transportation and accommodation costs are likely to account for the biggest share of costs you will incur during the whole migration process. Therefore, you should be prepared to direct a significant amount of your available funds to transport.


Conclusively, it is vital for you to know the types of costs that you are likely to incur in the process of relocating to Saudi Arabia since you will be able to plan adequately to meet all the costs. Although meeting formalities such as obtaining a visa and medical check-ups are not expensive, transportation and accommodation cost can be very pricey, especially if you don’t have a sponsor covering or subsidizing these costs. Therefore, you should prepare adequately to find all the resources required to make your relocation to Saudi Arabia a success.