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Institutional quarantine (7 days) for un-vaccinated expats arriving in Saudi Arabia

All unvaccinated expats need to go into institutional quarantine upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia as part of measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Kingdom, announced by the Ministry of Interior on Monday.

The procedure will come into force on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

The unvaccinated travelers will have to present a valid health insurance document approved by Saudi authorities to cover the risks of the coronavirus.

The unvaccinated visitors to the Kingdom also must undergo a PCR test for coronavirus on the first and seventh day of their arrival.

The Public Health Authority (Weqaya) said quarantine would apply for those who had received the approved vaccine doses less than 14 days before their arrival in the Kingdom.

Non-Saudi immunized persons and exempted groups who received full doses of one of the vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health are allowed to enter Saudi Arabia without the need for a quarantine period, provided that they present an official vaccination certificate before and upon arrival.

Visitors who have been vaccinated will be required to submit a PCR test certificate within 72 hours of leaving for the Kingdom. Children aged eight and under are exempt.

The categories that are exempted from institutional quarantine upon arrival in the Kingdom include:

  • Citizens, their spouses and children, along with domestic workers accompanying them
  • Unvaccinated domestic workers accompanying a vaccinated resident
  • Vaccinated travelers
  • Official delegations
  • Individuals having a diplomatic visa, diplomats and their families residing with them
  • Airline, sea crews,
  • Truck drivers and their assistants
  • Individuals involved in health supply chains