On the sidelines of a trip to Singapore intended to highlight investment opportunities in the digital economy and innovation, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Abdullah Bin Amer Al-Swaha recently met with the top executives of the International Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

The meeting was attended by the Governor of the Digital Government Authority (DGA), Eng. Ahmed Al-Suwayan, as well as several business executives and members of the business community from Saudi technical and Singaporean government companies. The two sides discussed ways to cooperate and the most recent global experiences in digital government.

Al-Swaha also emphasised the importance of Vision 2030 in expediting the transition to a successful digital economy, a lively digital society, and an innovative and aspirational digital government. The discussion also covered the leading Saudi experience in digital transformation and investment, as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies by the Kingdom to improve its access to top positions in this industry.

Additionally, it creates new options to embrace technology that will hasten the process of digital transformation as well as offers up a wide range of opportunities for government technical companies to collaborate with Singaporean businesses in the field of digital services.

The attendees from both nations also discussed ways to encourage Saudi technical enterprises as they look for investment possibilities, form alliances with Singaporean businesses, and learn about Singapore’s plan for attracting foreign investment.

Additionally, by forming alliances with capital technical investment businesses, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be able to establish more research institutes, innovation hubs, and foreign direct investment in the country.