Labor Violations likely to get you fined in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia government has been very proactive in ensuring that employers, both individual and corporate entities, are compliant with the labor laws. Violation of the labor laws attracts serious penalties from the Ministry of Labor. Complying with the laws plays a vital in promoting employees’ rights and ensuring their safety in the work environment. Below are labor violations that are likely to get you arrested in Saudi Arabia.

Hiring expatriate workers on jobs restricted to Saudi Nationals

There are jobs that are specifically restricted for Saudi male nationals and are not supposed to be offered to non-Saudi males. Non-compliance with this provision attracts a fine of not less than SR.10000. It is also likely that your company will experience closure for one day or more.

Hiring foreigners without contract

You are supposed as an employer to ensure that whenever you are hiring an expatriate employee you provide him/her with a copy of job contract. You should also ensure that the employee has read and signed the contract to indicate he/she agrees with the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.  Violation of this law attracts a fine of SR. 5000.

Passport confiscation or unpaid wages

Confiscating employee’s passport or withholding his/her wages is contrary to the labor laws in Saudi Arabia. You are likely to be arrested or fined SR.2, 000 for confiscating an expat workers’ passport without his/her consent.  Similarly, withholding an employee’s salary attracts a fine of not less than SR. 5000.

Threatening employees at workplace

Threatening employees at the workplace in Saudi Arabia is prohibited and is a serious offense that is likely to land you in trouble. You are at risk of a 15-years jail term and a fine of SR. 1 million for threatening employees at the workplace in Saudi Arabia. Your company is also at the risk of being closed down for engaging employees in threats to force them to work against their will.


Forcing workers to perform tasks not mentioned in the contract

The importance of the written contract is to indicate the terms of job and the activities that a worker is supposed to engage in. You are not supposed to force workers to engage in tasks that are not indicated that contract. You are likely to be arrested or fined SR. 15,000 for violation of terms of the contract and misuse of the employee. Proper consent is required from the employee for him/her to engage in an activity not mentioned in the contract.

Observing the laws is essential for the smooth running of your business and effective handling of employees. Employees are an important resource for any business and they contribute significantly to the success of the business. Adhering to the labor regulations will save you from being at loggerheads with the authorities and limiting exposure to fines and arrests.