Ten new initiatives to establish and regulate E-commerce stores in Saudi Arabia have been launched, according to the ministry of commerce. According to the ministry, these initiatives were started in response to public yearning for the sector to be developed.

The key takeaway of the ten initiatives mandates e-stores to include all warranty-related information and to correspond with the product’s agent. To reach all of Saudi Arabia and not just the major cities, e-stores must gradually increase the geographic scope of delivery.

To prevent delivery delays, the ministry has instructed online sellers to expand their shipping and delivery alternatives. Additionally, they must offer a variety of payment options, including Mada, credit cards, and others.

Furthermore, the government has made it necessary for e-stores to provide technology solutions to monitor and track refunds as one of its priorities. They must also verify that there is no consumer confusion over the procedures and streamline the order cancellation processes.

The Ministry of Commerce must receive periodic reports from e-stores that include performance measuring metrics. According to the ministry, the E commerce stores need to create videos for each product that explain its features and usability. It requested that the online retailers use technology to create replacement and retrieval procedures. E-stores must also start campaigns to increase customer awareness.

The lack of transparency in the warranty and maintenance policies is one of the most significant issues that consumers in the e-store industry face. Delays in handling and resolving complaints, a lack of delivery services in some areas of the Kingdom, and delays in refunding customers’ money are a few of the problems that will be overcome by the launch of these initiatives.