The “Medical Insurance Approvals” service has been added by the Ministry of Health (MoH) to the Sehhaty application. The Sehhaty app now allows users to review their medical insurance approvals under the “health profile” icon, which also displays other personal data about the user.

The Ministry of Health decided to make the Sehhaty app the national e-platform for offering healthcare services to individuals, and as such, the inclusion of the Medical Insurance Approvals service fits within that decision. The health profile icon makes it easier for people to examine their medical records because it displays their personal information, prescription medications, Sehhaty wallet, immunization records, and medical reports.

To offer health services through the app, Sehhaty will be integrated with all government agencies in the healthcare industry. The MoH and DGA agreement aimed to address a number of issues, including unifying the health sector apps and platforms, enhancing the beneficiary’s experience in the health sector, and expediting and facilitating the deal with the government agencies.

It also strives to achieve efficiency in digital spending for government services and to offer consultancy services related to digital government. The agreement will have a positive impact on the beneficiaries, as it would raise the satisfaction rate, increase the level of the digital maturing and unify data sources, in addition to achieving a better level of services.

The agreement will benefit the beneficiaries since it will improve the quality of services while also increasing customer satisfaction, digital maturation, and data source unification.