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More E-Channels launched for government fees payment

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance has launched additional E-payment channels using bank cards, apart from SADAD, to pay fees for various government services. Deputy Minister of Finance for Revenue Affairs Tariq Alshuhayeb said that additional payment channels have been activated for a number of government agencies, while the services of the remaining government agencies will be added in the coming period.

He said that Provision of additional electronic payment channels in support of the current payment channel of SADAD will enable citizens, expatriates, visitors, and the business sector to pay government fees and services safely and quickly, using various bank cards such as Mada and credit cards. It also provides the possibility of credit card payments for beneficiaries from outside the Kingdom who do not have an account in a local bank, which saves the time and effort of the beneficiaries of government services.

Alshuhayeb said that the E-payment channels would contribute to enhance the use of modern technology and reduce cash handling, through the diversity of electronic payment channels. They help provide services to the beneficiaries through a safe electronic business environment, ensuring their easy access to the services.’