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“Noor Riyadh” festival illuminate’s capital city

Saudi Arabia’s annual “Noor Riyadh” festival of light and art combining the highest quality of light artworks across the city started on Thursday, March 18,2021 and will continue till April 3, 2021. The festival will light-up the night sky of Riyadh city with dazzling interactive lighting artworks in multiple locations.

More than 60 global artists from Argentina, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States and including 23 leading Saudi artists have been selected to display significant works of light art under the theme of “Under One Sky”.

Adviser of brand and marketing to the Royal Commission for Riyadh City Hosam Al-Qurashi said: “This festival is a metaphor for the transformation of Riyadh. It illuminates our ambition to become one of the world’s most competitive and live-able cities by 2030.

The festival is celebrating light in different ways and organizers said they were very proud of this year’s theme of “Under One Sky,” which is happening at a time when social distancing is keeping everyone apart.

The Noor Riyadh festival features 33 citywide installations, including sculptures, projections, interactive shows, kinetic and immersive pieces placed in numerous locations across the city to excite and entertain residents and visitors.

Noor Riyadh festival has been designed as an immersive, interactive festival of light and art. This is an opportunity to connect with people from across the globe, sharing experiences based on the warmth of personality, generosity of spirit and creative thought.

The magnificent installations will be visible to all in public spaces across the city and a complete list of the exhibitions and special events can be found online at