Ajlan & Bros Holding is one of the leading Middle Eastern retailers and manufacturers, with its name known and present in more than 25 nations worldwide.

As the most valued bank brand in the Middle East and Africa right now, QNB Group is honored to serve as the FIFA World Cup 2022TM’s Official Middle East and African Supporter.

The Group offers a wide range of cutting-edge goods and services in more than 30 countries on three continents through its subsidiaries and associate businesses. With a network of more than 4,700 ATMs, there are 27,000 total employees working at 1000 different locations.

In order to work together and expand the potential for digital banking in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recently the QNB Group and Ajlan & Bros Holding have entered into a joint venture agreement.

The contract was signed by Mr. Ajlan Bin Abdulaziz Alajlan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ajlan & Bros Holding, and Mr. Abdulla Mubarak Al-Khalifa, Chief Executive Officer of QNB Group. Several senior management representatives from both sides as well as Mr. Ajlan Mohamed Alajlan, the deputy group CEO of Ajlan & Bros Holding, were present for the signing.

The strategic plan for both Groups’ expansion of their digital banking presence and investments in Saudi Arabia included this agreement. Both parties have already started taking action to get the necessary regulatory approvals.