As part of efforts to realize the goals of the Saudi Health Insurance Council’s vision to be a global leader in prevention and improve the quality and efficiency of health services provided its beneficiaries, starting on October 1, 2022, the Council will offer 18 new benefits with 10 improvements in the existing health insurance policy benefits being offered.

Nasser Al Juhani, a spokesman for the Health Insurance Council, claimed that the value of hemodialysis coverage as well as the maximum mental health coverage amount have both been increased to 50,000 Riyals for acute and chronic psychiatric cases. He also said that a number of updated benefits have been included to experimental preventive testing and immunizations that have been in place for some time in addition to the emphasis on women’s health, obesity surgeries, and kidney transplants.

The revised health insurance policy intends to fulfill seven key goals, which are as follows:

1.          Boosting the prevention of disease for beneficiaries.

2.          Promoting health.

3.          Reducing complications of disease.

4.          Improving the capacity of functions of beneficiaries.

5.          Facilitating the access of the beneficiary group to the service

6.          Empowering beneficiaries

7.          Enhancing service quality and efficiency

Al Juhani highlighted that the holders of private health insurance policy that is issued or renewed with validity on 1st October and beyond can avail these benefits, stating that these updates are the tireless efforts to contribute to enhancing health of beneficiaries and enhancing the quality and efficiency of health services provided.

He added that the launch of the benefits package, updated insurance coverage limits and insurance drug guide are among the steps aimed at achieving the objectives of the council’s vision and allowing beneficiaries to obtain their full rights of care and prevention with the highest levels of quality and efficiency.