Over 14,631 people who had broken the Kingdom’s residency, labor, and border security laws were detained within a week in various parts of the country.

The arrests, according to the Ministry of Interior, took place during combined field operations carried out by several security force units around the Kingdom throughout the week of August 11–17.

The arrests included 1,868 labor law offenders, 4,007 border security rules violations, and 8,756 residency system violators.

Another 224 persons were detained as they attempted to enter the Kingdom; 26% of them were Yemenis, 61% were Ethiopians, and 13% were from other countries. 33 infringers were captured attempting to exit Saudi Arabia through the same border.

23 people were detained for engaging in cover-up activities while transporting and harboring people who were breaking the law about where they might live and work.

Currently, measures for breaking the rules are being applied to 48,951 violators, of which 2,996 are women and 45,955 are men.

Of these, 13,711 violators were deported, 2,210 offenders were directed to finish their travel bookings, and 38,184 violators were recommended to their diplomatic offices to get travel papers.

The Ministry of Interior made it clear that anyone who helps an infiltrator enter the Kingdom or provides him with transportation, lodging, or any other kind of assistance or service will be punished with up to 15 years in prison, a maximum fine of SR1 million, as well as the confiscation of the infiltrator’s means of transportation and lodging.