Saudi Arabia Family Residence visa process

Bringing your family with you is extremely important to those who are moving to Saudi Arabia for employment purposes.  Moving to another country for employment is a tedious task but necessary for the family unit to stay together while earning an income.   This process used to be only available manually, but they have now launched a process online called Absher.  Utilizing the online process takes less time and can speed up your families Visa distribution.

To make sure that your family is issued their Visa’s without complications it is critical to have the proper documentation ready to submit with your application.  Below are the requirements and the documents needed to obtain a Family Residence Visa.

  1. Must be going to work in a white-collar profession.
  2. Must have the applicants Iqama Copy, a Passport, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Visa.
  3. Have copies of all dependent’s passports.
  4. Degree certificates attested by Saudi Arabia Culture and the Embassy.
  5. Marriage Certificate attested by the Saudi Embassy in your home country as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  6. Birth Certificates for your children attested by the Saudi Embassy in your home country as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  7. All documents translated to Arabic.
  8. Isteqdam Application Form Chambered.
  9. Salary Certificated translated in Arabic and Chambered.

Once you have gathered all the required documentation, then you are ready to go to the Absher portal online to submit everything to the Ministry of the Interior.  The Absher process is simple.  Go online and register in the portal, once you have done this then you need to go to your activation office and have your registration activated.  When completed, you can then go online and fill out the application.

If for some reason the portal is not working for you or you do not have access to the internet, then you can have everything processed manually.  Manual submission is a much more time-consuming way of completing the Visa applications.  This process will require a chambered letter from your sponsor to Jawazat, locate the proper Isteqdam office, and then submit all documentation listed above to this office.  Once approved they will give you a Visa.