The 18th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale will feature the participation of Saudi Arabia’s Architecture and Design Commission. According to the commission’s chairwoman, Sumayah Al Solaiman, the biennale would provide architects with a chance to come up with original ideas to enhance people’s lives. She further stated that “this version of the biennale seeks architectural solutions to contemporary social and human issues, especially since the architect’s nature urges him to continue searching for solutions and innovations”.

Since its inaugural appearance at the Venice Biennale in 2011, the National Pavilion of Saudi Arabia has welcomed a variety of architects and artists from all around the kingdom who work in a variety of mediums. Saudi Arabia also took part in the International Architecture Exhibition in 2018, along with 63 other countries. The theme of “Freespace” focused on the question of space and its quality within the framework of urban environments.

Saudi Arabia participated in 2021 as well, focusing on the question of “How Will We Live Together?” and how individuals from various backgrounds might live in harmony in a post-pandemic society.

Architecture is an underlying component of the Saudi culture and Saudi Arabia’s Architecture and Design Commission will continue to serve as a platform for the Kingdom to display its talent and culture on an international forum. Therefore the commission has requested applications for the biennale from Saudi Arabian architects, researchers and creatives. By providing opportunities for talent and easy access to such competitive global platforms, including the biennale, the commission and pavilion strive to position the kingdom at the forefront of the international creative landscape. The biennale will take place from May 20 to November 26, 2023 focusing on the theme “The Laboratory of The Future”.