The Ministry of Education recently announced that children of illegal immigrants will be permitted to enroll in Saudi Arabian schools in the upcoming academic year. This action underlines the nation’s values and vision, which includes making sure every child has access to an education.

This proclamation is made in order to aid those expats whose Iqama (Resident ID) has expired. Because it might be difficult for parents to pay the renewal fee for the entire family, which can be as much as SR 2000 per person; therefore, children are sometimes caught in a difficult situation and miss out on a quality education. But with this decision, families will now have more time to pay off their debts without having to forgo their children’s education.

If the parent wishes to enroll their children in a public school but lack the proper documentation to, then they must provide accurate information from their passports, iqama, or if they are on a visit visa, their current address and phone number. In the absence of any of the aforementioned, parents will be required to get accurate data and complete documents as well as submit an assurance that they would update their residency status in the kingdom during the school year.

In the light of this announcement, the ministry has advised all educational institutions to provide admission forms to parents and subsequently contact the offices of the education ministry in their vicinity for immediate processing. Parents or the guardians of the children must resolve their residency permit problems within the academic year to continue their wards’ education. Moreover, the General Administration of Evaluation and Admission has requested a monthly statistical report from every school in the kingdom detailing the number of students enrolled in each school and district.