Saudi Temporary Work Visa for Employers


Saudi Arabia has introduced a 90-day Temporary Work Visa. The visa will allow holders to stay for an initial three-month period. A visa holder may also apply for an extension of this visa for a similar period. It allows foreign nationals to perform hands-on work activities in Saudi Arabia during that duration without applying for residence/iqama or a work permit.

How employers can benefit from it?

Only a Saudi entity can issue temporary work visas. Companies that have the “Green” Nitaqat status can issue temporary work visas for employees. International companies can’t obtain temporary work visas on their own. Saudi Arabia has a sponsorship system, which means the international companies must contact a Saudi sponsoring company to issue temporary work visas for them.

There are many benefits of obtaining a Saudi temporary work visa for foreign companies:


Unlike long-term work visa, a temporary work visa is a cheaper option. Normally employees have to obtain Iqama which is expensive and is valid for a year only. Temporary work visa itself allows you to work and it does not require Iqama. Hence saving you a huge amount of money.

Fast process:

Temporary work visa issuing process is simple and faster than long-term visa. It is issued online and does not have complicated requirement.

Administrative support:

Our company “Pangea Worldwide” will provide administrative support & payroll management facility to Foreign companies sending their employees to Kingdom.

How to apply for temporary work visa?

Pangea Worldwide can issue temporary work visas to foreign companies. We will provide sponsorship, allowing their employees to legally work in the Kingdom. We’ll also take care of the adminstrative duties & payroll management, and saving you the time and efforts.

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