Saudia Arabia Lifted 3 Coronavirus Restriction For Visitors Of Kingdom:

Saudia Arabia Lifted 3 Coronavirus Restrictions For Visitors Of Kingdom:


The ministry of health confirms the lifting of three corona restrictions for visitors coming to Saudia Arabia from outside the Kingdom.

The decision includes; allowing visitors to enter the kingdom without submitting a Covid vaccination certificate. Now non-vaccinated visitors also enter Saudia Arabia with any type of visa.

Saudia Arabia will no longer take PCR tests while entering the kingdom.

No need to quarantine for visitors after arriving in Saudia Arabia.

The main reasons to lift the restrictions to fall in the positive ratio of covid which is less than 4% with 99% of vaccination rate in the kingdom for all targeted groups of 12 years and more.

The decision also include that no home or institutional quarantine on arrival for certain countries Saudia Arabia lifted the suspension. Authorizing health insurance to cover corona expenses for every type of visit visa holders