To encourage scholars to conduct scientific papers and research in the area of Saudi coffee, the Ministry of Culture has announced the stipulation of a grant for “Saudi coffee researches” in partnership with the Saudi Coffee Company of the Public Investment Fund (PIF).

This grant program launched by the Ministry of Culture aims to develop national identity and promote the intangible legacy connected to Saudi coffee, among other things. In addition to researching the reality of the Saudi coffee market, the grant’s other goals include the preservation of the Saudi cultural heritage and its values, sponsorship of creativity and creative individuals in the Saudi coffee industry, and development of the sector.

The first of the three tracks covered by the “Saudi Coffee Research” grant is coffee in the Arabian Peninsula, which will focus on the region’s historical origins for coffee.
The story of “Coffee in the Arabian Peninsula” revolves around a variety of topics, such as the historic development of the coffee industry in Saudi Arabia, the most significant historical events connected to it, as well as the old trade routes that were used to transport coffee.

The second track of the project will focus on the creation of local cultural content and seek to conduct studies to support and expand locally made Saudi coffee in government procurement. A sustainable Saudi economy would be made possible through the creation of local cultural content tracks, which would also support the preservation of the original Saudi historical components.

“The intangible cultural legacy linked with Saudi coffee” will be the subject of the third track and it will be based on the research of knowledge and skills related to traditions and oral expressions. The third track of research will also examine performance art and music along with social customs, rituals, ceremonial occasions, traditional crafts used in the production of Saudi coffee, and the interaction between humans and nature within the context of pertinent knowledge and practices.