Managing staffing needs in Saudi Arabia  involves many complicated activities and tasks, yet it is one of the most important aspects of your organization. The larger the team, the more complicated the management of the tasks becomes. Of course, as the business grows, so will the size and complexity of the team. We are here to provide innovative solutions to your personnel and HR needs.

We have employee outsourcing solutions that reduce the burden of your administrative challenges. Rather than offering single solutions to single issues, we can offer solutions equal to an entire Human Resources department. We will manage all aspects of the Human Resources function to ensure everything is as efficient as possible.

Our talented associates are here to help

When setting up or expanding your business, you require a whole team of professionals with various expertise and skills. From support to admin, you need to hire a lot of professionals. Recruiting the whole team through extensive recruitment process can get time and cost consuming. Plus, it is not easy for you to assess the eligibility and quality of a resource in an area you do not hold much expertise in.

We can address all aspects of employee outsourcing, including:

  • Administration support
  • Employee Secondment Services / Outsourcing
  • Project support
  • Technical (IT, Telecommunication, Engineering)

With our superior solutions, we help you achieve financial success by offering cost-effective ways to manage your Human Resources needs..

We will keep you in compliance

The Saudization Ratio Rule requires companies doing business in Saudi Arabia to hire a particular percentage of Saudi employees. We will help ensure that you are following this rule.

We take pride in ensuring that the workers we place for our clients are the best of the best. We want you to have complete success with your business in Saudi Arabia.