Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Arab world. Like many of the other languages in the world, there can be variations from place to place. We can translate information from Arabic to English and other languages, and we can also translate from English and other languages to Arabic.

We can provide translation for your advertising, financial, legal, medical, or technical documents at an excellent price.

“But doesn’t my computer program have a translation feature?” Yes, there are programs like Google Translate that can perform this task. However, these programs have trouble with very long documents, and will not always be accurate. It is usually not a very natural-sounding translation, and often there will be inaccurate word translations. Humans are still the best option for knowing the small details of a language and ensuring that the translation from one language to another is accurate.

When you need something translated, trust the team at Pangea Worldwide to ensure you have the best translation that meets all of your needs.