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Saudi Arabia gives domestic workers more flexibility to switch occupations.

Saudi Arabia has made major modifications to labour rules, defining the situations that enable domestic employees to switch employers without the approval of the former employer. These improvements are

Saudi Cabinet approves quarterly renewal of residency permits (Iqamas) and work permits

The Saudi Cabinet on Tuesday approved the issuance and renewal of Iqama and work permits for three months as the minimum period. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the
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Health protocol manual for workers’ accommodation updated | Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Weqaya) has updated the health protocol manual for workers’ accommodation to control the spread of coronavirus. The manual includes procedures for
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Saudi Ministry allows deposit of wages in e-wallets

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has allowed small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to deposit salaries of their workers in e-wallets instead of bank accounts. The sources
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