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A research facility will be established by the Saudi Arabian heritage committee to scour the Red Sea for submerged artefacts. In collaboration with King Abdulaziz University and the University of Naple, Italy the commission will carry out an extensive underwater search from Umluj to Ras Al Sheikh Hameed to look for submerged ships and other objects. The initiative also involves King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

Dr. Jasser bin Sulaiman Al Harbish, chief executive of the Historic Authority, stated that the commission sought to inform the public of its findings about cultural discoveries, underwater heritage sites, and collaborations with foreign scientific experts and institutions. He expressed his expectations that the panel would assist in revealing the various cultural secrets that the Red Sea might hold about the country.

The discovery of the submerged legacy in Red Sea waters, according to Dr. Najah Ashri, senior vice president for strategic national progress at KAUST, would be a great illustration of what may be accomplished through collaboration with Saudi universities and government sectors in the country. The technological infrastructure and labs at KAUST will help with investigation and discovery of the secrets below the surface.

More than 25 underwater locations are documented in the 600 sq km research region, which is in the northern Red Sea.