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According to an official report, Saudi administrators have detained 12,436 people in one week for violating the kingdom’s protocols with regards to employment, immigration, and border security.

Between September 22 and September 28, almost 6,911 individuals were detained for violating the kingdom’s residency laws, 3,249 were detained for attempting to cross the border illegally, and another 2,276 were detained due to labor-related disputes.

The report revealed that in addition to the 198 individuals detained for attempting to enter the Kingdom illegally, 44 additional individuals were apprehended while attempting to enter neighboring nations, and eight individuals were detained for their involvement in transporting and harboring violators.

As per press released by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, anyone found to be aiding a violator to get illegal entry into the Kingdom—by providing transportation or shelter—could face a maximum 15-year prison sentence, a fine of up to SR1 million ($260,000), or the seizure of their property and cars.